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My 2 cents:

Trying to get people from inner Copenhagen to play will be a tough mission.

A) Hockey is not a very urban sport. It's a suburban sport. A lot of equipment to buy and handle. It's not a accessible as football(soccer) to city kids from small means. Nor is it fancy enough for the families with some money to spend on their kids.

B) It's not like a lot of sports outside of football has strong Copenhagen-cores. Handball is mainly a Jutland-sport. In floorball there's elite league club in CPH but again it's Jutland and Rodovre(Funny coincident? ) dominating the league. Swimming are doing alright i guess but the elite talent comes from suburban areas. Little sports are doing just fine without having Copenhagen as it's core.

So I don't see the big potential in invading inner Copenhagen so to speak. Btw: Skaterhockey is doing okay in there with some ex-icehockey players so that might be a way...

Whether or not it's a big problem or not... I don't know. Having the sport grow out of little environments like Herning and Rodovre hasn't stopped us going from Div C in 1990 to a spot in the quarterfinals at the WC in 2010(I think?). I think we're reaching the potential that Denmark has. All we can do is tweaks and maximizing. Denmark will never be a hockey-country nor a hockey-force

And yes yes I know there's a lot of people we could get to play hockey and a couple of them could be the next Frans Nielsen but if Danish hockey has one lesson to the world it is that quality in development beats quantity. I'm not saying it woundn't be easier to develop elite talent with more kids playing hockey - just saying it isn't impossible

With the means we have now we're doing alright. We have to optimize the development of the kids we've got and hope they pan out.

And to hockeyfrilla> That list tells very little about the reality both in the past and in the present

Some of the players you mention spend some of their junior years in Sweden. Mikkel Boedker. Lars Eller. Philip Larsen. Morten Madsen

Some of the names went to Sweden to play pro. after completing junior years in Denmark and then spending a year or two in the Danish League. Thomas Spelling. Peter Regin. Nicklas Hardt.

Then there's some of the names who just have spend a year or less in Sweden during pro. development. Frederik Andersen. Nicklas Jensen.

Frans Nielsen and Jannik Hansen some combos of the three.

I'm not gonna get into a Sweden vs. Denmark claim of talent because that's not how it works i my mind. But some of the routes to hockey in NA are very different and some involve Sweden a lot, some involve Sweden very little in the development

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