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Originally Posted by yotesreign View Post
Nope. Don't take my word for it but here ya go -

In the valley, not all land is within city limits or town limits. Some of the land in Maricopa County is on what we simple folks out here call 'county islands'. Chalk it up to living in a desert the folks out here like the notion of 'islands in the sun' or something. Often, cities will annex unincorporated land when it is to their advantage. There are after all costs with annexing unincorporated land, one of them being you then have to provide the owners with city services (such as fire, water, police and such) - costs that you can of course bill for, but often there are costs for adding infrastructure which prompt cities to be deliberate about annexing.

The land they bought back around 2003 was unincorporated land bordering the city.

IIRC, they bought it on the downlow, not as the T'ohono Nation, but by using a variety of different corps, including iirc, Rainer Resources Inc which finally transferred the land into the tribe's name in 2009. Which is fine, not complaining, all legal, on the downlow.

Law 99-503 specifies that the tribe may purchase up to 10,000 acres (40 km2) unincorporated land in Pima, Pinal, or Maricopa Counties which the Federal Government will place into trust, thereby making it legally part of the Reservation (from wiki on the Tribe)

in 2009 they announced their plan to build the casino that land - unincorporated land.

They've been taken to court, which so far the courts have basically ruled the 99-503 is okay and tough nuts to Glendale and their friends (the state and other tribes). Time will tell how far the city goes to fight it; the tribe is okay with proceeding with their plans. The land they bought next to Glendale is less than 10,000 acres - but they can't buy incorporated land and claim it as reservation. Only unincorporated land in those three counties.

Westgate and where the arena sits is NOT on unincorporated land, it's in the city.

So no, while they can try and buy land, or a hospital, or an apartment complex, or shopping mall or any property in incorporated city limits in any of those three counties, they can't put slots or gaming tables in 'em.

I've been trying to figure out how some people think the tribe can make a profit out of owning the mall and the team when those same people keep saying the NHL and GJ can't make a profit owning the team. Maybe it's because they were thinking the tribe could put hundreds of slot machines in the mall and put lots of slots inside the Arena???

They can't.
Ah I stand corrected. Based on the way Scruggs was talking about it at the cupcake summit it sounded like they were buying within the incorporated city of Glendale

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