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12-14-2012, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
I agree, while I will wish Canada well, I will definitely not be surprised if Murphy and Spott's infatuation with his one man show offense costs this team a big game.

I feel for Corrado mostly because if im him, I ask myself, what more could I have done....and the answer is nothing. Outperformed every other defenseman in camp (including the locks), scored twice (there will be haters that will call both goals lucky....IMO getting shots through to the net from the point is a skill), played excellent shut down defense. It's ironic Corrado received very little PK time in this camp, considering I'd call him a better defender than the entire top 4, shows me the roster was probably already selected before the camp. If it wasn't I don't know how you can cut a player who stands out above the rest.

Alright, thats it for me, still angry about it, but I just have to drop it, can't let this effect my mood for today (was grumpy enough last night).
This. Well said.

Originally Posted by shortshorts View Post
I just don't see the "nationalistic pride" in a U20 tournament. The Olympics are when it is important to me, because that is when it truly matters for everyone.

You can question my loyalty all you wish because it won't matter to me. I know for myself, that I'll be cheering for Canucks through it all, and for Canada when it's meaningful.
And this. Exactly how I feel about it.

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