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12-14-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
It's idiotic but not surprising at all. The only ones concerned with 8+ year contracts, front-loading, back-fading & contract cap are big money players, who have a strong influence on negotiations. The majority of NHL players, guys who sign 3 year contracts at less than $ 3M per season, aren't going to be affected much by the new CBA and represent the vast majority of union members.

God forbid someone lets those guys make a living and try to make fans happy.

Nobody should be surprised at owner trying to get the best deal they can. It's the nature of the business. But for what - 50? 80? rich players to have a tantrum and require benefits that NO OTHER LEAGUE IN THE WORLD would give up and destroy all the credibility the league's built over the past 7 years is just disgusting.
Pretty much. The league should table a new fifteen year CBA offer with the players only getting 40% HRR, 5yr max contracts with zero variance, no arbitration, five year ELCs and no UFA until age 29. Any player willing to start camp in one week can be grandfathered in with their current contracts unchanged, but any players unwilling to report will be banned from the NHL for life. Probably illegal, but pretty darn fair in my opinion.

This poster should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.
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