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Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
I sort of wish we kept him too. I think if we kept Staubitz along with the other additions than we'd be a fairly legit 'tough' team.

When you think of how much tougher we played as a team when we got Staubitz and Moen was never in the lineup when Staubitz played than I think we shouldn't be too bad in that department this year.

Prust is just as tough if not tougher than Staubitz. So he alone should have the same effect that Brad did. Then you add Moen, Armstrong and Boullion that's not too bad. Armstrong isn't the greatest fighter but he does play chippy and we'll throw down when need be. Frankie ain't going to scare anyone but still that's another guy who can throw down reasonably well.

They won't scare anyone but they shouldn't be pushovers.
I agree with you in wanting to keep Staubitz. But while I love Prust, I don't think he's as tough (in the sense of being able to take on heavier guys) as Staubitz. Staubitz, while only 6'1 as stated previously, still weights 225 lbs. Plus, I don't think the Habs really want Prust engaging in 20+ fights, although that possibility is probably moot this year. Also, I'd just like to see White have a season without injury. While I don't think Staubitz would have needed to suit up for every game, I don't think it would be bad for him to take the brunt of the fighting, or at least the load off of other guys when facing more pugilistic teams. Staubitz has averaged 15 fights for at least the last two seasons, despite not playing a full 82 games. He would also be an insurance policy should Prust, White or Moen go down with injury, the latter two having missed a number of games last year. And yes, guys like Bouillon and Armstrong will stick up for their teammates, but while Bouillon socking Tucker made me smile, it was worrisome when he was the one to take on Orr.

Point is, I like Staubitz as insurance mainly, and to take the load off of other guys. I felt the team was tough in '07-'08 despite lacking a heavyweight because they stuck up for each other, which is likely what will be the dynamic this year. For example, Lats, Lapierre, Kostopoulos and Begin were a good dynamic, and I don't think they were intimidated against the Flyers that year. I guess after just years of seeing our guys get beaten up, having Staubitz around as insurance just makes me feel more secure.

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