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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Obviously I go during office hours.

And no, it is not a 'privilege.' Holding office hours is a requirement of professors outlined in their job description.

I am both respectful and direct, I expect profs not to blow me off and make me feel like the size of a pea.
It's a requirement but it's also a privilege.

Either there very few professors that blew us off. I remember those, but for the most part it was an easy avenue for dynamic discussion at a high level.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I am not talking about professor salaries, I agree their standards should remain high and competitive. I am more talking about the hundreds of MUNACA full-time workers that command wages of $30+ for doing fairly low-medium skilled jobs.

I am of the opinion that universities should offer more internship position for students within their own departments. One of the leading causes of unemployment after graduation is lack of experience. By cutting into their full-time work forces and replacing them with students, you can not only cut expenditures but also give your students valuable hands-on experience. The only students that get jobs at McGill that I have seen work in the low-rung services like the bookstore or service point.
That's not as much money as it sounds. A thousand employees (you said hundreds) making 30 bucks an hour full-time costs ~60 million a year, and these are probably jobs that need doing that nobody would be willing/able to do for free anyway.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I have also never heard of a PhD student not having their own computer.

I don't really get these posts, this is 2012 (almost 2013), every single university student needs a laptop computer at the least. Universities need to provide a base of computer services, but expecting universities to subsidize such a costly and quickly outdated technology is asinine in this day and age. These costs can easily be offset by students and this exactly what is happening.

I am not going to argue that McGill's infrastructure is great, because it isn't. But it also comes with the territory of being one of the oldest universities in the country.

My gripe comes when McGill spends $6 million on 'beautifying' an outside walkway beside the library that takes 2 years to complete.

Or the fact that at 2 AM, every light in the office buildings hallways is still on for some asinine reason.

Better financial management is needed at McGill, it is as simple as that.
Universities should pay for computer costs for their employees. That includes both the computer and the computer services that go with it; i.e. system administrators on site to provide tech support.

People may already have personal computers but the needs of a work computer are often different.

I mean really -- do you expect people to pay for their own business travel too?

I've known people from dozens of schools and have never heard of anybody not from McGill being told to buy their own computer. I was horrified when I heard my friend's story. What's even worse is that the salaries at McGill for graduate students are microscopic. I think it's like $17,000 -- that is ridiculous for a city with an extremely high cost of living. In light of what it is in cheaper US cities, it should be ~$30,000 in Montreal -- with computer costs already paid for.

But that would require more government support and higher undergraduate tuition.

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