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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
NHL pre-emptively files class action suit in NY federal court -- a place believed to be favorable to pro leagues -- to affirm lockout

NHL also files an Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the NLRB, alleging that NHLPA's threat to disclaim interest is bad faith bargaining

Things are going to the courts, and the NHL ensured it'll be played on their own turf. The players are about to get crushed.

If the membership allows the authorization, the NHLPA would have the authority to terminate its right to represent the players could potentially inform the National Hockey League with a declaration that the union no longer represents the players as a bargaining agent. Players could then file their own lawsuits seeking to have the lockout deemed illegal, something that could see them paid triple their lost salary in damages if successful.
There is no indication on if or when such a vote on the authorization would occur.

NBA players filed a disclaimer of interest while they were locked out last season, but ended up agreeing to a new CBA 12 days later and the union quickly reformed.

More to follow.

Care to explain how the players are being crushed? all i see is that NHL running to courts trying to legally prevent what would possibly ruin the NHL.
if NHL does suceed, then they would just go back to pre-court "era" (aka yesterday) and back at trying to get deal done. don't really see how they are being crushed, unless i might of missed something, which is fairly possible

Either that, or the Players are just trying to get a deal done without Fher, like the NBA did? didn't really understand that part.

Anyways, this is getting real juicy
no matter my love for the game, seeing such a non essential industry implode itself upon greed is music to my ears. As much as i side with the players, i really don't care much for the players in the greater scheme, comparatively speaking to more essential industries. (ps. i work at the bell center part time while in school, so im a casualty of this mess, so to speak)

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