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12-14-2012, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
That's what keeps shaking me to the core about this whole thing. I'm taking nothing...NOTHING, away from any shootings that have involved adults, college and high school students...NOTHING. Those mass shooting incidents are as tragic as any. But these are ****ing K-4th grade children. Just think about that for a second. Think about it. How is that possible? I had read as well (will re-read to try and confirm) that they were shot execution style. It's bad enough if some nut comes in and just starts firing at people aimlessly in some misguided rage, but to actually gather yourself and individually do that to children in school...I get emotional just typing about it and I'm about as callous and thick-skinned as they get given what I do for a living and see on a daily basis. I can't wrap my head around this.

This goes above and beyond other incidents, and I'm sorry and mean no disrespect to those involved in the others but this event today is in its own universe and I feel like things in this country, in one way or another, will forever be changed by what happened today be it legally, morally, emotionally, whatever. It feels like a shift. Hard for me to explain and put into words. I know atrocities against children and humanity in general are pretty commonplace in other regions of the world, but this isn't other regions of the world. This is the United States. This is home. This isn't supposed to happen to your 8 year old child when they're at school. Not here. This country, and this world, (at least mine) feels like a much lesser place today.
This even hurts me personally more than 9/ least there was a motive behind those attacks...but what possible motive is there to kill 20 innocent children?

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