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12-14-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
I agree, and I think that was pretty much inevitable from the outset. But what they've tried to do (mostly successfully) is ensure that the transition doesn't actually involve players losing money -- aside from the obvious loss of salary from losing half a season.

The thing that's irked me from day 1 is that the league could have probably had the deal they're going to end up with by November 1st if they'd wanted to. The hard-line position they've taken hasn't seemed to earn them much of anything from the PA that they weren't willing to give at the start of the year (in my opinion, anyway). The league is basically throwing away revenue and risking future growth on a fool's errand. Is Bettman just trying to out-do his old pal David Stern from last year?
I don't know...I still think Bettman is Jeremy Jacobs' little puppet. Initially I thought, yeah, the players are going to have to give back some money and, sure they are going to have to close some of the loopholes but there really isn't a lot to be fighting over if the players concede those things...the owners are putting the squeeze on and the players are steadfastly denying them and I'm not sure why anyone would percieve them as being in the wrong to do so? Except for selfish fans who just want their hockey back.

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