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12-14-2012, 06:14 PM
Nalens Oga
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Private labour negotiation disputes involving sports should have no place in a courtroom. Waste of govt $ imo.

I also don't know if the PA will really go through with this right now since odds are against them. Judged nowadays tend to be very anti-union and pro-business unfortunately...depends where the courtroom fight takes place is I guess but I would lose a lot of optimism now if I were a player and don't see any negotiations happening this upcoming week. If it does got to court then I hope the PA gets a sympathetic judge but dunno if that's realistic.

^ That tweet is basically the NHL saying that the players are actually 100% behind Fehr as they repeatedly say and that the disclaimer is just a court tactic. As soon as they win the case, they'll reform a union should it go that far. Obviously they would be stupid not to reform it or they'd lose a lot of the privileges they've enjoyed thanks to the hard work of men like the guy in my avatar or Carl Brewer.

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