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12-14-2012, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Its funny, as much as the NHL keeps pumping the tires on "EVERYONE HATES FEHR" i've heard more noise from people about owners than anything. Lets face it, teams like us, Columbus, Florida, Nashville, Dallas... its not just losing a season, its losing love, dependability for the sport, dealing with apathy. We already have a weird economy of retirees from up north who cling to Boston, New York, Toronto... for once we're gaining momentum and all that will be **** on by the decisions of a few.
Fans have achieved sentience.

Something I don't like is that the booing of Bettman when he hands out the Stanley Cup is used as the gauge for his popularity. It's really not. It's anecdotal at best.

I'd recommend reading Ryan Lambert's 'A Twitsmas Carol'. The genesis of this was Gord Miller's 4 twitter rules that came across as 'broadcasting' and not discussing, which is what social media is supposed to be about.

one passage in particular is relevant to the point I'm trying to make here.
"for example," ***** added, "@fartboy420 might think luongo sucks, but that doesn't make it so. but if everyone thinks he sucks, he might."
astericks added to avoid spoilers.

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