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Originally Posted by Matador View Post
The NHL was well prepared for any disclaimer of interest. Having represented the NBA and NFL in other labour negotiations, Proskauer Rose knew this was likely. I don't see the NHLPA winning anything in the courtoom.

However, I also don't agree that the BoG will continue this lockout until they get everything they want. A lot of NHL teams don't make money. But we also see that when owners buy teams, it is a stepping stone to building much larger entertainment companies.

A lot of the benefits from owning a hockey team are difficult to internalize. To some degree I think you could argue the NHL is a quasi public good (civic pride, etc). Owners have come up with other creative ways of maximizing the value of a franchise. See Katz and this whole arena gong show in Edmonton right now. Without the Oilers, Katz would have absolutely no leverage in building up his real estate holdings and Rexall Sports.
Yes, why not accept that teams can just bleed money. Then the owners can hold the cities they are in over a barrel and force cities to use tax money to keep them there.

SO we get to the point that millions are paid to hockey players by little old ladies, with the threat that if they dont pay, they get evicted from their homes.

Thats such a fair and reasonable situation.

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