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12-14-2012, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Its funny, as much as the NHL keeps pumping the tires on "EVERYONE HATES FEHR" i've heard more noise from people about owners than anything. Lets face it, teams like us, Columbus, Florida, Nashville, Dallas... its not just losing a season, its losing love, dependability for the sport, dealing with apathy. We already have a weird economy of retirees from up north who cling to Boston, New York, Toronto... for once we're gaining momentum and all that will be **** on by the decisions of a few.
The only people who still blame the owners for this, at this point, are at best casual fans who dont read anything about the situation. Or fans who refuse to hate their favorite players.

Anyone who has taken the time to read even half of the information out there about what is going on will be informed enough to know the NHLPA is the problem.

Take a look at the business and main board lockout threads. They are very pro owner and anti NHLPA at this point. And for very good reason.

There is zero reason for the NHLPA to be fighting anymore. NONE whatsoever. Its a complete joke. They are fighting for things that are of in consequence to them at this point just to try to show their "strength". And if they keep it up, they will pay. And we as fans will pay as well.

They were fighting for $500M. They have now lost over $600M.
Now they are fighting for contract length in which the difference players will receive in overall pay would be around 200K in total over the course of the durations, but that same sticking point for the owners would allow even more parity and a competitive balance between small and large market teams.

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