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12-14-2012, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
The players are voting to decetify the union, inorder to justify such an action they will need to show that
a) The players don't think the nhl has given them a valid proposal (we can't know this unless they vote on it)
b) The players feel that the union is unable to get a better propo

The will find it extremely tough to say that they all don't think it is a good proposal without a vote as proof and if they did vote and it was close to passing then b) would hold them back as it would appear they are close to a deal. It will be awfully hard to find a courtroom that believes this isn't a tactic to sue the nhl with out a vote to proof that the players truly think they have it bad.

If it would have passed the players will be told to simply fire Fehr and the head of the PA and accept the deal.
I don't think this Needs to happen in a court at all. We've seen one other case before and it didn't involve players voting on a proposal, it involved a judge telling the players that the courts aren't a place to negotiate.

I think this is what --> you <-- want to see happen

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