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12-14-2012, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Sounded like the passing off of GM responsiblities was happening this year, which might help explain Reeds crazy workload and drop off in coaching efficiencies. The fact that Tillman let 14 guys twist all the way to free agency is a good confirmation he was slacking in his duties.
I stated this earlier but we don't know that Reeds workload increased crazily. You state this as if it was an agreed statement of fact.

tbh something looked to be wrong with Reed by about game 4 or 5 this season and I spoke of it. My best guess is he was suffering from stress, migraines, anxiety early in the season which just continued on. It was evident regularly in interviews this year. Basically facial ticks, grimaces, clenching, that weren't seen last year. Of course what I state is conjecture based on facial countenance. But look at any of his postgame videos of this year vs last year. With all the facial contortions it almost looks like a different guy. Quite a few times watching I'm going W T F?

I stongly suspect Reed had something medically wrong with him this year that the team for some reason is downplaying or somehow didn't spot.

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