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12-14-2012, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Would Geoff Molson really have the pockets necessary to run the Habs at a lower profit?

Their annual profit is ~50 million dollars at a full salary cap (I think that doesn't include the bell center), and maybe he could lower that somewhat and still be fine, but he still has taxes to pay for (unlike most NHL teams) and still has to pay back the interest and principal on the 300 million dollar loan he took out to buy the team.

I'm sure the Rangers and the Leafs could go to a 100 million dollar payroll, but I'm not sure the Habs could.

I wonder if we would see the same system as in European soccer, where the best club teams are vastly superior to the best national teams. For example, the Spanish team that dominated a few years ago was just the club team FC Barcelone but WITHOUT lionel messi.
Without a CBA the Leafs would be able to radically outspend everyone without a competition. The Habs to a less extreme but I think Molson can afford to compete with say, the Rangers for second place. Don't forget there's Bell as a minority owner and the Molson families other assets, it's not like Molson is personally paying for this team out of his own pocket. It could be bad long term though, since players will demand absurd money from the Habs and there's only so much market expansion potential this team can get, unless they manage to find a way to make the Chinese NHL fans like the NBA has done.

I'm actually worried about the soccer comparison you bring up, I'm a big fan of La Liga and I hate how Real Madrid, Barcelona and English clubs owned by oil barons have ruined the sport.

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