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12-14-2012, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
Ain't happening. Clearly you're both Condit fans, and obviously that's fine. I actually find him to be quite likable (certainly more so than Rory). But if memory serves Rory was very clearly winning that fight until he gassed in the third. Also, while improvement can be considered subjective, odds are the 20-year old with 10 fights improved more than the 26-year old with 29. Doesn't mean it's a fact, but it's likely.
I'm not really a Condit fan. I'm more indifferent of who wins this fight because I like watching both of them, despite what I may have said about Rory. Though, if I had to pick a guy or two at WW it'd be Diaz and Hendricks. Been on Diaz since Diaz/Gomi in PRIDE and on Hendricks since I met him at UFC on Fox 2.

That's part of Condit's game plan. He works guys with suspectible cardio because he has an unlimited gas tank. That's not something to discount. Not to mention, if it would have went to a decision, it would have be 10-8 in the 3rd and a draw, but Condit finished him and won the fight.

Plenty of guys have gone to decision with GSP. And sure he caught GSP with that kick (which he deserves credit for), but aside from that he very clearly lost every round. This wasn't like Machida-Shogun 1 or Forrest-Rampage that were razor thin decisions. GSP very clearly won every round but the 3rd, and very clearly won that fight.
Yes, he lost 4-5 rounds, but all of them, or most of them, were close rounds. It was a relatively close fight.

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