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12-14-2012, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by scramble91 View Post
The owners and gb just opened a can of whoopass. I would urge everyone to go through the lawsuit. The blabbing by the players via interviews, twitter might bite them.

Very interesting turn.
Don't know where quoting me over two different posts that took place several days apart has to do with anything but I do agree that a few of the comments by the players make them look bad.

The Kings do have a couple of players who were in EU back in NA already that have been confirmed as well as sometime late next week most NA players including Kings will be at the break of their EU contracts for a couple of weeks so that does make it easier for things to come together quickly if/when a deal is done. (JB could be returning for the Spengler cup if the lock out continues on for too long).

That said, if you look at what is going on objectively and compare our negotiations with the NFL and NBA and even MLB is some ways this is exactly how things end up getting done. I am remain optimistic but situations do change day to day especially during billion dollar contract negotiations.

Some will argue that 1/11/13 is the obvious start date for NHL play to return and some like me believe that the earliest players will return to camp will be on or right after 1/1/13 but a return to play to me seems to be coming based on everything that is being said by everyone involved.

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