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12-14-2012, 11:48 PM
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Thanks for your kind words; to clarify, I am not an attorney but have worked as an investigator in the federal criminal and civil courts for over 25 years...and have written prosecution reports, briefs, affidavits, etc. so I am familiar with law, decisions, etc.

Labor law is fascinating but very complex (as you can see by the brief).

Anyway, my takes were "first impressions." Will Miller actually regret what he said? Probably, but no in the context "I ****ed up the whole NHLPA position" but rather in the context "I sound stupid now that my quote is part of a lawsuit." In other words, he should probably be more embarrassed then worried that his words are going to damage the NHLPA's negotiating position.

Having said that, it adds fuel to the fire that the NHLPA is playing games with the legal system rather than being a forthright, honest player in it. That goes pretty far in the eyes of an unbiased judge.

Okay, here is my short summary for you: I said the Twitter posts backfired as my "first impression" read of the lawsuit. But the bottom line is the judge will probably take them for what they are worth: emotional utterances without thought from people heavily invested in the outcome of these negotiations, to wit: he will probably give them a heavy discount in terms of deciding whether the league will be granted relief (as requested in the brief).

As I said above, I really don't believe that this brief will ever be judged upon. It is one more piece of attempted leverage by the league, to be matched (more or less, in terms of content) by the PA as early as Monday morning.

It's a chess match at this point folks...a long and tiring one, to be sure.

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