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Originally Posted by TollefsenFan View Post
Well u got the hfboard method. Look at the roster and make a conclusion like

1 Canada (Allways the best, no mather what)
2 USA (We got like 300 nhl third liners. We rock)
3 Sweden (Detroit red wings + a little extra)
4 Russia (Kovy, Ovi, Malkin, Dats and Semin)
5 Finland (Goalies)
6 Czech rep (Old, but good players)
7 Slovakia (Gabby and Hossa)
8 Switzerland (Hiller and 3 d pairings)
9 Germany (Seidenberg, Seidenberg, Seidenberg)
10 Denmark (6 Nhlrs)
11 Belarus (3 NHLrs)
12 Austria (3 NHLrs)
13 Latvia (1 NHLr)
14 Norway (0 NHL)
15 Ukraine (2 NHLrs, but nothing more)
16 Slovenia (Only Kopitar)
Hey! We have two, and while the other one is a fringe NHL player, he's currently outplaying all the other NHL-ers playing in EBEL, such as Vanek, Gagner and Grabner

Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
Let's make it even more clear. We'll say Canada made the finals by beating Denmark, Italy and China. The Russians beat Sweden, Czech and the US. Now it really doesn't matter what you think you may or may not remember, we are discussing the ratings after the result. Would this scenario make Canada the better team when they clearly were not?
Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
I know that, there seems to be a team of nitpickers desperate to prove something. In the absurd example I provided, is Canada the better team?
How can you even ask that question if you haven't even given us the result of the final game? Oh, and before you add another piece to the scenario, at the point you've mentioned we're unable to say who's the better team. If Denmark, Italy and China made it to the later rounds, they were obviously about as good as Sweden, the Czech and the US. So I don't get your point.

Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
But the mediocre goaltending and lack of stud defencemen in recent years is indicative of an asymmetrical Russian development program. Kulikov is the closest thing Russia's produced to a stud NHL defenceman since the 90s. In net they've got Bryz, a declining Nabokov, and a handful of young guys with potential (Varlamov, Bobrovsky, Khudobin, Vasilevski).
You're missing a lot of players from the KHL, especially with goaltenders, such as Barulin, Koscheckin and Eremenko, all better than the ones you listed, save for perhaps Varlamov. I think Russia actually has better goalies than Canada at the moment.

I agree with you on the defense front, though, Canada is better without a doubt. But there are also a lot of great defensemen playing in the KHL that are better than Kulikov, take Nikulin and Denisov, for example. Volchenkov, to me, is also a stud NHL defenseman, but it's true that Canada has many more at that or higher level.

Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
I think Canada is the best when you look at the depth of talent across all positions. Canada's got star talent at every position that gets cut from its final roster. Most other countries don't have that kind of star depth.

I don't like using the IIHF or even Olympic tournaments as a barometer because the round robin format means a single aberration can have significant impact in the final standings.
This I totally agree with.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Canada is the top hockey nation by a very wide margin.
Even if you think Canada is the top hockey nation, saying it is such by a very wide margin is stretching it a lot. I actually think it is, but I think Russia is very close.

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