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12-15-2012, 12:10 AM
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Damn JA#94 makes an appearance in this thread, and I missed it? The supposed Rangers fan that HATES the Devils more than he loves the Rangers?

Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
Yeah, he sure was effective in the SCF.

And before the "he was injured!!!11" retorts, remember that he was leading the Devils in scoring for most of the playoffs until the SCF. He folded like a tent under the Kings D. So did Parise, for that matter. Enjoy, Minny!
I don't like this comment either. If you actually watched Kovy at all during the season or earlier rounds in the playoffs you'd know he was performing 50% at best during that series. Kovy did fold in the SCF, but he was legit injured. He didn't look good for most of the Florida series either, but not quite as bad, and he actually produced a little bit. He was given a shot or something after game 1 against the Flyers, and sat out for game 2. Came back and had a 3 point night. You could see whatever they gave him was wearing off towards the end of the Rangers series.

Him leading the Devils in points during the playoffs is a testament to the kind of player he is, and how he performed not at 100% for most of the playoffs, and how much he means to our team. By the Kings series I don't even think he was 50% Though I will give credit to the Kings. If we were facing some chump jabroni team Kovy may have been able to muster up a little something. In his condition against the Kings though he couldn't. I still think the Kings take the series, but maybe not by going up 3-0. It might have went to 7 with a healthy Kovy. And yes I hope Kopitar, and Brown continue to cone Parise like they did time, and time again during the SCF..

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