Thread: GDT: Lockout Thread II
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12-15-2012, 01:11 AM
Chazz Reinhold
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I had a feeling the players' talk of using disclaimer/decertification as a negotiating tactic would come back to bite them, and man, has it ever. You would think Fehr is smart enough to tell his players to not blatantly state they would considering it solely as a means to gain leverage in a negotiation.

Bettman and Daly were probably sitting there licking their chops every time a player said something stupid. File that article away and add the quote to the brief. Seems like the PA played right into the NHL's hands.

P.S. I love how all the "Union/players are as strong as ever" quotes are being used against the PA.

P.P.S. The NHL cited some damning case law regarding the players' cries about honoring the contracts they signed. Contracts are subject to the terms of the operative CBA. When there is no operative CBA, the contracts are no longer subject to those terms.

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