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12-15-2012, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
JMO..... but.

Skeete has zero wiggle room at all at the moment.

The ordinance becomes active around 12/27 (30 days after it was approved) unless by some miracle "Back to Sanity" comes up with ~7,000 valid signatures.

If..... Jamison completes his purchase of the franchise by 12/27 and provides proof of ownership to Glendale before a new council is sworn in then Skeete has to sign the AMF/lease.

If..... Jamison can't complete his purchase until after the new council is seated then the new council might pass another ordinance that instructs Skeete not to sign.

After that it gets fuzzy.....
That's how I understand it, TL. There is another complicating factor, and that is that the lease is not just between Jamison and the COG. It also needs to be signed by "The Owner". Presumably, the lease can't actually be signed until the new owner completes the purchase of the team, etc. That would require completing the process with the NHL Board of Governors. Given the current state of everything, I can't really see how they will be able to sign the new lease until well into January. It will be interesting to see if the new council has any appetite to re-open this. Somehow, I think they'll leave it and just complain about the actions of the previous council. Meanwhile, Knaack can continue to look over her shoulder for the specter of a recall as the financial situation worsens and the implications play out through staff and service cuts.

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