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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
One of the worst books I've ever read.

I'm sure the story was fine if you're into that kinda stuff...but damn it, Tolkien was an awful writer.
There are a lot of things that I do not care for. Hell, 99% of the movies my girlfriend picks fall into that catagory, especially when she says that she read that it was so well acted, or this actor or that was up for some award. That said, I can hate it but appreciate something that is good.

Calling Tolkien an awful writer is just not a legitimate opinion. It just isn't. Not liking his stuff is. But what he accomplished is amazing.

He did what a lot of the greats have done in literature, took a life changing event, WWI where basically the entirety of the male portion of his village was wiped out (the british had this stupid notion that people would fight together best who grew up together and lost virtually entire villages in WWI in that way) and turned the event into great literature to try and come to grips with what happened. In the end it is a very depressing moral. The hobbits were the innocent villagers he grew up with and the 'super hero' of the books, Frodo, his only power was being so innocent that he would not let his greed for power fall to the ring. But in the end, what does he do but take it for himself proving that there really is no good or innocence in the world. The world was not saved by some inner goodness or character of the salt of the earth farmers he grew up with but by mere chance when two greedy people fought over the ring and one fell into the lava. Chance not God, not some great good. What a depressing moral. But there is a greatness there. Like I said you can say that it is not your thing. But you can not say that it was awful writing and maintian a shred of legitimacy.

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