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12-15-2012, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
Dallas Clark or Vick Ballard as a flex?
Definitely Ballard. With Carter and Brown hurt Ballard should be in for a hefty workload.

Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
Big Ben or Stafford?
Cards are absolutely terrible, and their pass D is overrated. I'd go Stafford.

Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
B.Weeden vsWAS
J.Locker vsNYJ
Jets pass D is still pretty good, whereas Washington gets lit up by everyone. I'd go Weeden.

Green Bay @CHI
Denver @BAL
Broncos D has been rolling lately, but it's in Baltimore where Flacco is a completely different QB, and Baltimore just doesn't give up much to Ds. I'd go GB.
B.Myers vsKC
M.Bennett @ATL
Myers has been productive every other week for the past 6-7, and this is the one he's supposed to do good, but I feel like Bennett's the safer play here. And while it's not a stat I place a ton of value on, the Falcons give up considerably more points to TEs than the Chiefs.

Originally Posted by Bruins Stooge View Post
Pick 2 (Running backs): David Wilson (Giants vs. Falcons), Steven Jackson (Rams vs. Vikings), or Frank Gore (49ers vs. Patriots)
Wilson no doubt. I'd give SJax the slightest of edges here. The Vikings haven't been great against the run lately.

Pick 2 (Wide receivers): Pierre Garcon (Redskins vs. Browns), Michael Crabtree (49ers vs. Patriots), or Mike Wallace (Steelers vs. Cowboys)
With Ben back you can safely pencil Wallace back in there. With the questions surrounding RG3 and the amount of points the Pats give up to receivers I'd lean Crabtree.

Originally Posted by Diskothek View Post
If Dez Bryant starts would he be worth playing considering he has a broken finger and is going against the Bears? My next best option would be Josh Gordon.
Gordon's been good lately and has a great matchup. Dez is riskier. So tough to sit Dez but Gordon's safer.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
I'm still not sure with Steven Jackson or Reggie Bush. Bush is playing JAC who are horrible, and Jackson isn't 100% . Also shows Bush is supposed to get double the points.
No way Bush should have double the projection. He's really been pretty bad this year aside from his one big week against Oakland. PPR I'd definitely go Bush, but otherwise it's close. SJax will get more touches, and gets goal line carries. I'd actually go with him.

Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
With Rice now listed as probable, who would you start for flex? Rice, M Floyd or Ballard?
I always go RB when I can. Ballard should be looking at 25 touches (and goal line) with Brown and Carter out. I'd definitely go with him.

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