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12-15-2012, 02:34 AM
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Can't believe it's been almost two months now.
We go once a week, usually for about 45mins. With breaks.
Carry him around a lot, spin him on the ice, just try to make it enjoyable.
He can now walk/skate slowly on the. usually only goes about 3-5 feet, then wants me. Doesn't feel safe on it. But it's going pretty good. It's neat to see him progress from not even being able to stand and not wanting to hang on the the skate aid thing, to now being able to walk on the ice, and push the skate aid.

Now I guess it's just getting him more comfortable on his own, and making him go further. Then learning to push off and glide.

After a couple weeks my back got used to it too, so that was a nice relief.

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