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12-10-2003, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by rahan
Show me those, because I never saw that. Bouillon has that ability to always come out with the puck. Please remember that he plays with Rivet, and don't mistake him with Rivet in the crease.
Ok besides Rivet AND Bouillon giving away the Defensive blueline CONSTANTLY this year, He was also standing in front of the net tapping sticks with the Carolina Forward during their Power play, he never gave it any push... he made Theo blinded during the cross ice pass, and bang. Theo never saw it.

Jagr walking across the line, and diddling the puck between Bouillon's skates... Jagr had been skating towards the net, and Bouillon had every oppurtunity to crank him... But he eyed the puck and missed.

The last 2 are a bit outside the actual streak, but Bertuzzi, coming over the blue line, while Frankie gave him a crap load of time to get to the top of the circle and rifle a goal past Theo.

And Naslund stood in front of the net, while Frankie was getting situated as to what he should do before he got the cross ice pass to the open net, causing another goal.

I am saying if Frankie can constantly make errors like these, I'd rather see Hainsey make his mistakes, as Hainsey does not give in front of the net so freely... also as tentative he is, he does parlay SOME responsibility on our Blueline. The worst thing going on with this team is the lax effort stopping players crossing in to our zone. Watching Bouillon makes me want to see Ulanov crank the crap out of the players, because at least then, theywere not so freely walking over the line.

Frankie CAN play decent around the boards... but on open ice, he is limited to measly stick checks and struggling to get the upper hand... It's not very effective, Hainsey did play with the upmost intensity in the game against Toronto (Roadrunners) I saw, The problems Hainsey has shown... can be resolved in practice, they are more to do with the fact that he is nervous of the NHL. Nervous he's getting shipped down to Hamilton, nervous he's going to make a mistake... nervous that he will PINCH at a time that the COach does not see fit. A player with offensive ability has to be given the green light. Remember the first game? When Hainsey walked in and scored, that is 1/30th of his good qualities he makes offensive moves natural.

Hainsey caqn make dazzling Offensive plays WHEN he gains the confidence to do so... Sending him down to the AHL where he is confident, will not fix the problem... Getting him used to playing with the big boys will.

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