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12-15-2012, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by yianik View Post
So it would appear the NHLPA is united and the the union brothers refuse any pay cut ( unions fight this to the the death, theyd rather lose jobs than take a pay cut, see the Twinkie folks ) even though for except maybe a few in the KHL they have already lost much more than if they took a small pay cut ( Roenick and Recchi said as much ). Of course we have the NHL who finally got that national US television deal they have been salivating over for years ( and the reason Im guessing we have teams everywhere in the States ), revenue up 50 % since the last strike ( mostly thanks to Canada due to loonie and some price gauging clubs ), and they wont budge from getting to that 50 % asap, even though they got everything they wanted to fix the league the last go round.
Hmmm. Thirty owners and 690 players cant divide a $3.3 billion dollar pie by mutual agreement so they are prepared to either completely destroy the other side or be completely destroyed. Yeah, real good risk-reward analysis. Glad we didnt have idiots like this with their fingers on the Nuke buttons during the Cold war.
I despise both sides at this point but hope the Owners win the legal battle if only because if the Players succeed then the NHL as we know it is done, and so the Habs history will almost just be part of some dead league. As a Habs fan of today, history is all I got. Figure it out you Clowns.
Would be great news, a healthy league where everyone, players and owners, makes money can only be good for the sport and the league.

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