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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
Care to elaborate, guys? I have no idea what the budgets are, but why exactly is that a bad graph? Which teams do you not agree with and why? And is it only a couple of teams or do you think the whole thing is suspect? Oh, and hopefully you're not thinking of discrediting the thing because a team has a, say, $80 mio. budget and not a $70-75 mio. as listed.
For me, it looks like where are very few things that are right.

Avtomoblist and Kuznya are teams with the lowest budgets, everyone knows that and Kuznya's GM has mentioned earlier that their wage budget is close to 5 kk, so there's no way their budget is as big as 15-17 kk.

Traktor is the obvious one, they were a pretty poor team until 10/11 season but as you know they have a pretty stacked team now so 12-14 kk and assumption that they have a lowest budget in the league is simply laughable.

Looks like Lev's budget is a bit bigger, Vityaz' maybe not by much but definitely smaller and Amur's payroll is one of the smallest in the league but well, maybe travelling is THAT expensive for them.

Finally, near the top, Salavat is definitely not one of the wealthiest teams anymore. I guess these numbers are from their glory days few seasons ago. Now it appears their budget like Lokomotiv's, ~40 kk.

And there's definitely a separation between Ak Bars and top2. I don't know if their budget is now smaller than it used to be but one thing for sure - it's limited whereas it seems like CSKA and especially SKA can pull more money out of the bag for a good cause anytime they want.

P.S. I'm not a finance expert and I don't have numbers or papers to back me up. Frankly, who the hell knows how big these budgets really are but I surely do know it better than people who came up with that ridiculous diagram. And things going around the league lead to the assumptions listed above.

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