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12-15-2012, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by 0123456789 View Post
The corruption and the politics saddens me, and I am saying this as a outsider looking in for most of the past 25 years now. I remember when I used to be proud to be Czech but every time I read anything from there I cant help but feel embarrassed. I really wish the country turned things around.

I was hoping to see a competitive team this year, showing of the best players the country has to offer but once again greed and money came in to play. And once again I have lost that little bit of desire to cheer the team on and that little bit of Czech that is left in me and that im trying to hold on to dies once again.

For those here who are involved out there in hockey circles, do something about this, make some personal sacrifices and change things for the next generation. Make the people that are the problem, be it in politics, other organizations or hockey pay, take them out even if it means sacrificing your career out there, do the right thing.

And when I speak I am not basing this on the selection of this team, this is just another little reminder of the massive social problems that are plaguing that country.
I agree with the fact that corruption is a big problem in Czech hockey and - well - society overall. What I dont agree with and frankly dont understand is not cheering for a bunch of 20 year olds playing for their country because there is corruption in the Czech hockey system. IMO rooting for your country´s national team does not strike me as something you switch on or off . You cheer or you dont. Simple as that

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