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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
wait, you mean yzerman should have been on the 2nd team in '93? ahead of lafontaine who helped raise the production of mogilny and andreychuk to new and unforeseen levels, adam oates who played with two rookies and got one of them 100 points, and gilmour who played with nikolai borschevsky and a broken down glenn anderson? i mean, if we're going to play the bad linemates card, oates did more with less. and not to say yzerman wasn't awesome in '93 but come on, lafontaine, gilmour, and oates all had years for the ages.

also, how can you say with a straight face that prime gallant and paul maclean weren't much better linemates than quinn and rob brown? obviously, coffey makes a difference too, but we're talking about two big and tough 40 goal wingers to create space for him vs. two all-time anti-intangibles guys that mario coaxed ridiculous, never-to-be-repeated years from. surely you concede that mario's wingers were only 5th and 12th in points because of him, don't you?

and yes, yzerman was much better offensively than messier. no one doubts that. but messier DID steal a hart from prime mario. that should indicate to you that he has intangibles that put him ahead of yzerman. and i say this as someone who likes yzerman and has never hated any hockey player more than i hate messier.
Gallant wasnt big at all. Scrappy as hell and tough for his size yes. And while MacLean was big he didnt play the game that Gallant did so. Agree that Gallant was a good if non-talented mucker on the wing in the late 80s until his back did him, but Maclean specifically dried up a lot at the end of 89 (see the THN article which refers to this specifically). The difference between Coffey and Chaisson is absolutely enormous though.

In 93 while Dino was the first legit scoring winger Yzerman had the LW had a lot to be desired. They even played a very injured Gallant on Yzerman's wing for quite some time in 93. And Oates had Bourque on the blueline for the whole year. Yeah Yzerman got Coffey for the last 30 games but then again when he got Coffey and got the icetime of the departed Carson his numbers exploded to a pace Oates never saw and he made up a lot of ground to finish close to him when he had been behind by quite a lot for most of the year.

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