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12-15-2012, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
This discusson is heading in a pointless direction. Players like Alfredsson and Elias aren't any worse because there was a lockout. It's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Compiling Points or even the Hall of Compiling Dominant Seasons. We've seen 1000 games of each; we know how good they were on the ice.
But were they good enough or are they at best borderline candidates? Elias' name being recited doesn't exactly scream HHOF to me. His regular season numbers leave a lot to be desired and I honestly can't say him getting to 1,000 points would make any difference (894 right now). He definitely has some gaps in his career, sometimes for multiple seasons. You barely ever brought his name up when talking about the HHOF. Alfredsson in my opinion is closer, and the walls wouldn't come down if he got inducted but they wouldn't come down either if he was left out. The fact that these two players lack the true elite seasons we like to see from HHOFers is enough reason for me to say they don't belong, or at least have very strong cases to not belong.

Like I said, without a lockout(s) we might be looking at a better chance for players such as Kipper, Alfie, Elias, Hossa, Naslund, maybe even Brad Richards, and if people think St. Louis is borderline right now then another full season(s) would have put him over the top, although he might be good enough right now. Those are all good players but even without a lockout they aren't lock cinches by any means, other than perhaps St. Louis.

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