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12-15-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Pardon my French, but **** off! Do you have kids? No, probably not. You can spew all this crap, but until you have a child of your own, you should probably keep your mouth shut! Kids are extremely vulnerable and have no way to defend themselves to an attack like this.

Lost a lot of respect for a comment like that one!
1st off I will speak my mind as I see fit no matter to who it is, even if it is to the officer of the law. So don't tell me to keep my mouth shut.

2nd don't hand me this "only those who have children are able to have an opinion about children." stuff either.
George Carlin has brought a child into this world and not only does he disagree with your highly emotional and irrational rant but based on his rant about children, I say he knows more about what he is talking about.

I can't post the YouTube of here here due to NSFW but an easy search of it on YouTube will come up using the key words George Carlin and Children.

I'm happy to see though that you don't care as much of the innocent lives lost of the adults as the children are. I'm sure those same families of those who lost the loved adult ones would be happy about that as well.

As in your own words before:

"Yeah. My wife teaches kindergarten and I have a daughter in kindergarten. What a damn shame. Poor defenseless kids!"
Not even once did you even mention feeeling bad for the adult lives lost. Those same lives who were defensless against the shooter because they didn't have a gun on them to shoot the shooter.

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