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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Your example is George carlin??? Nice one! Yeah. Children lack the ability to be able to think appropriately in a situation such as this one. Adults and even older kids, such as middle and high school, have the ability to fight or flight. Kindergarteners do NOT! You can spout your mouth off all you want. I, however, don't have to read the garbage.
Children don't have the ability to fight? I guess I must have been seeing things at a local karate shop beacause only adults practice martial arts. I guess that run away from stangers talk adults have with chidren was also a lie as well. For your infomation too, there are plenty of adults who don't know how to defend themselves and often find themselves so paralyed by certain events that they don't even know how to fight or flight when such a moment happens.

Now you go from "Only those who have Children are allowed to have an opinion about children", to ""Only those who have Children are allowed to have an opinion about children as long as those opinions about children agree with my(your) opinions about children.

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