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12-15-2012, 10:04 AM
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After last nites 7-3 pounding from the Wolves and the Whales 6th straight loss though it is really 0-2-2-2-,as well in the last 10 they only have 3 wins tied for 2nd lowest in the league with Erie and Missy I have come to the conclusion that they should consider blowing things up
Do it before Niagara with their big 3 and other teams such as Pet,Ott,Sag,maybe SSM,though I doubt,strike while the iron is hot so to speak,move Noesen,Rackell,Aleardi,Levi,Macdonald,Corbin,shoul d have kept Eckblad instead of trading him to Saginaw,and finally consider trading Tom Wilson as well
Think of the return for a 18 year old power forward,before Ritchie,Janes, are dealt
Afterall as I mentioned before next yrs is bleak in my view,out of 24 players on the roster including 3 goalies 8 wont be back,with the expected O/As to be Meurs,Malysa and Croombeen,no way would I bring back a 20 year old goalie Mahalak,when I think Nedjlkovic is ready to play fulltime
Young players and draft picks could be had for all the players I mentioned,but Wilson would be the prize
Right now they are in trouble goal wise and on defence,when everybody is there the scoring is fine,and potentially dangerous,but realistically much like Windsor,SSM,Kitchener,Saginaw they cant hang with the big guys,most notably London,Owen Sd and probably Guelph
London,Guelph, and Owen Sd would salivate at the prospect of getting Wilson,especially when most consider he is not NHL ready for next yr,not totally my thinking,though I understand,besides the Capitals the might keep him anyways if they knew he was returning to Plymouth and a team that will struggle more then this year
Noesen would get alot of attention too,while Rackell and Aleardi might draw some too
I could toss in Curcuruto and Levi
Alot of talent could yield assets/players that would set the Whales better for the next 2 or 3 years
I know this might be alot for whales fans to digest not meant to be mean spirited at all,but the Whales are an old team by league stds,11 players 19 or older,London has 6,Windsor 4,Guelph 9,Owen Sd 7,Erie 5,SSM 6,Sag 7,so either blow it up or be real lousy for the next 2 or 3 years
The Whales have always been a real competitive team but never able to win the biggie ie Mem Cup
I think its prudent thinking it wont happen this year either
No doubt this lineup as it stands would make the playoffs,Erie and with Saginaw expected to move Trocheck and Ross,the teams I expect not to make the playoff,the whales could finish anywhere from 5th to 7th,if NHL comes back they have a shot at Sarnia,if not I dont know
I am not saying move everybody that I am suggesting but Wilson and Noesen certainly would draw suitors,and with whats coming back in trades,the talent that remains getting into the playoffs should still happen because of Erie and Sag
They would then battle Wds,SSM and maybe Kitchener for the final 4 spots
Time will tell

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