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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
That is a solid argument against disclaimer/de-certification actually. The chaos that would ensue can be argued would be damaging to the players far more than damaging to the league.

I just read through the brief and I have to say, that while it is almost a copy and paste of the NBA's filing (in the same sympathetic court) the interesting bits are in the differences.

Example; The fact that the NHL poured over twitter and included all player tweets that voiced absolute support of Fehr. The NHL painted the NHLPA as the best players association out of all 4 bigs.

Basically, the NHL turned the players support against this tactic quite easily. They can show and prove that the players both support the union and in particular Donald Fehr. If that is unanimous support, as the PA claims, then it is plain as day that disclaiming interest or de-certifying is just a negotiating ploy and should be ignored.

Well played, NHL... Well played.

If the players do vote to support disclaiming interest, that will fail in the courts. If it gets that far... I imagine that once the players realize that their backs are against the wall here... They'll understand that the last NHL offer is as good as it is going to get for them.

Basically, this is not going to end well for the players. Once they realize it...

Like I said, Bettman just out-lawyered Fehr.

Bettman also just made a very very good case to be offered a **** tone of money by any other league who wants to get a Hard Cap, seriously at this point of the battle its like that scene in Two Towers where they are backed up all the way into the fortress and the enemy is knocking down the door, except there is no Gandalf to bail them out.

Players just need to realize that the fight is over, take your 5 year max (which is better for them anyways, seriously say that a guy plays at 18, his next contract is 21 at 5 year max that takes him to 26 and he can sign his big money deal, then at 31 still get a chance to sign another big deal)

time is running out, players have already lost tone of revenue, do they need to commit sepuku as well?

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