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12-15-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
I just love all of the cherrypicking, strawman, point went over the head, highly emotional and high level of ignorance going on here.

That is not my point! My point is that I'm not going to be less sad over the innocent life of an adult lost and more sad of a loss of an innocent childs life. An innocent loss of life is an innocent loss of life no matter the age and deserve to have the same excat amount of tears shed and sadness felt by others who are alive in an indiscriminate matter.

But you guys are right, I shouldn't feel sad and cry for the innocent adult lives lost because all of them are able to "fight or flight".
Where did I say I don't feel for the lives lost of adults, with the ability to understand what's going on around them and think quickly about what to do in the situation?

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