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12-15-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
I had a black belt, but that was when I was 13!! 5 and 13 are completely different. I'm with you Waff. These kids had no clue as to what would happen!

AP, when an old person dies, yeah, it's sad. But they have led a full life. These 5 yr olds, on the other hand, have not. So yes, it does make it a bit more sad. Use your sense here. But as I said, have a kid in that age group and have a wife that teaches that grade and then come talk to me. It's been a roller coaster day and for you to shoot your mouth off like that? Really?? Get a heart grinch!

I am using my sense here and once again my point continues to be missed. Jeez, you make it sound like that I don't care at all that the lives of innocent children were lost. So much for that ideal that my parents gave me that I should judge others only by content of character and not by age, race, sex, nationalty, creed, etc.

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