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Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
Has anyone stopped to think the precedence De-certification and the abolition of the cap in the NHL would set.
The other leagues must be looking at this with more than a passing interest
I hope that this is no more than a bargaining chip - bluff.
Interesting times for all the major sports in North America!
I imagine there would be repercussions that no one has thought of.

The players currently under contract would likely have those contracts honored but those without contracts would be thrown into a completely new environment. Elite players and those with a ton of potential, like Subban could benefit tremendously while marginal players like Darche and Campoli could be playing for less than the current NHL minimum, if at all.

The big one could be the elimination of the draft. I could foresee teams tying up players as young as sixteen years old. The wealthy teams with big scouting staffs and big bank accounts would have a distinct advantage while the weaker teams might struggle to put a competitive product on the ice.

I don't know the structure of the existing contracts. Since they were signed under the umbrella of a CBA do all aspects of those contract remain intact or not.

Montreal, for example, might be able to tell Gomez to go home and not bother lacing up the skates. With no cap they would still have to pay him but having him on the payroll having him on the roster would be two different things. It would be costly but a team like Montreal could still afford to do it because a cap wouldn't be standing in their way. In that case, could they prevent him from signing with another team (AHL, KHL, etc) because he would be under contract to the Habs and they would still be paying him.

As you said, there would be lots of questions if the league operated without the NHLPA and a collective bargaining agreement. It would be very interesting to see where the dust settled if something like this happened. It might make both sides realize how good things could have been

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