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12-15-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
Since you got all of the answers, I thought I should introduce new reporting to you:
Nice shot at me but what ever.

I never once claimed to know how this was going to go down all I was saying was a vote on the last proposal would be direct evidence that the union is not working and that this isn't a tactic. Why would they not vote on it? What have they got to lose unless this is just a tactic to sue the nhl? If they are just doing this to sue the nhl then they clearly care less than the owners about playing hockey.

"The NHL couldn't take back the filings, while the players could display that NHL filings based on a menu vote is not negotiating in good faith." That's not negotiating in bad faith that is a procedure to make the lockout legal in the event the union breaks down as several players have publicly said they would consider.

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