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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
I don't know the structure of the existing contracts. Since they were signed under the umbrella of a CBA do all aspects of those contract remain intact or not.

Montreal, for example, might be able to tell Gomez to go home and not bother lacing up the skates. With no cap they would still have to pay him but having him on the payroll having him on the roster would be two different things. It would be costly but a team like Montreal could still afford to do it because a cap wouldn't be standing in their way. In that case, could they prevent him from signing with another team (AHL, KHL, etc) because he would be under contract to the Habs and they would still be paying him.
Apparently this is what the NHL is threatening*. I wonder if they'd actually follow through... that Gomez option would definitely be appealing, but does Molson want to renegotiate the Pacioretty contract against the open market? What are the odds that Nashville would be able to lure Weber back into the fold? Would Columbus even be able to put together a team if their players under contract were set free?

*from the NHL's lawsuit: "Because the terms of all SPCs (standard player contracts) are prescribed, governed and regulated by the CBA – which together with the SPCs comprehensively establish the terms and conditions of employment of all NHL players – the individual SPCs are the product of the collective bargaining process between the NHL and the NHLPA, and, as a matter of federal labor law, are void upon the effective termination of that process and relationship."

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