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12-15-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post

Do it NHL. Do it.
There won't be any rules like that at all if they successfully decertify. But they won't get that far, and the league would probably rather tie it up in the courts for another year or two rather than face running a league with no CBA.
I don't think the PA has a chance of winning in court, but if they did, there'd be no minimum pay (and no maximum).
If they don't win, then they're out the salaries (and contract years) of however long it takes to resolve in court. And the union is pretty much broken anyway. I don't see the players getting a better offer than what's on the table now.
I think the league is probably worried that a version of "the takeaway" is going to leave them vulnerable to claims they haven't negotiated in good faith. Which is absurd, b/c they're the only ones who have up to this point, but it's a reasonable approach to avoid the spin or having to defend itself in court or in front of the NLRB from the spinmeisters in the PA.
But I'd definitely stop negotiating against myself which is what the league has been doing to this point. The players haven't really offered up anything and the league is moving every couple of weeks. It gives Fehr no reason to move and encourages him to wait b/c the offers keep getting better.

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