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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
So the union talks about disclaiming...
The NHL says "Go ahead! We don't think it'll work the way you do"
The PA votes on giving the board the power to vote for disclaiming (not a vote on the NHL's last proposal mind you).
The NHL beats them to the courts (NY ones at that).
The NHLPA then... What? Sends a letter and has it post stamped from like a week ago so that it appears as if they disclaimed prior to the NHL filing their suit?

Oh the drama! Like sands through the hour glass...
I don't think it matters that the NHL filed a suit with the NLRB before the NHLPA filed a letter of disclaimer. It seems to be more about the NHL getting their ducks in a row than something that gives them a tactical advantage in the end. I believe the NBA did the same thing...they filed a lawsuit in August saying pretty much exactly the same things the NHL is saying, but the players still voted to disclaim the union and several players filed lawsuits against the league after that.

Really, it's stupid and scary how closely this mirrors the NBA's lockout. The owners tactics are exactly the same, the script is exactly the same, except the NHL seems willing to take it to the extreme and kill another season or more

edit: Really, if the players are ready to go through with this and the league can't get the whole thing tossed out, the NHL will be in a bad way. Lawsuits won't be over with quickly and losing a year+ will kill the league. Despite their bluster, I can't imagine the league really wants this to happen. Of course, the players certainly don't benefit in the short run either

edit2: Apparently the NHL is trying to get a ruling that all contracts will be void if the NHLPA files the disclaimer. Ultimately I don't think the NHL wants that'd be freakin' chaos if all contracts were actually voided and couldn't be reinstated, but if they could be reinstated why would the players care? And hell, everyone becoming a free agent probably doesn't sound all that bad to players and their agents, but a freakin' nightmare for NHL teams

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