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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
I think he's a good storyteller, and I liked the LotR movies.

But his writing was nothing short of excruciating. It's stream-of-consciousness, plodding, meandering, adverb-crazy bull****.

There's a difference between being able to tell a good story and being a good writer.
Heh, sounds like we are arguing over semantics, but not really. The difference is between not caring for a book or liking an author and making a statement that he is a 'awful writer'. I do not especially care for Hemmingway. 'I ate the hamburger. It was a good burger. A manly burger. Then we went to war and killed men in manly ways.' No I do not care for his writing, but I can appreciate his writing. And even if I could not the rest of the world does, so if my opinion differs from the rest of the educated world, if I really even care to do so, I would need to really understand what he is doing and why they appreciate his writing before I can put myself way out on that limb to say that he is an 'awful writer'. And I had better have a lot of well reasoned arguments to support my premise that flies in the face of the better part of a century of literary critics who say otherwise. There is a huge difference between not liking something and saying that it is awful. Stephanie Meyers is a 'good story teller' who is an 'awful writer'. I can support that statement. Well the awful writer part, good story teller maybe not. Harry Potter books as well. Without much effort at all. The Tolkien one? Not so much.

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