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12-15-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Jason Lewis View Post
After reading that legal document. Wow. Just wow. I can not believe how badly the players have stepped on their own throats.

Even quotes from their own labor union leader have helped them tie their own noose.

This is just bad for the NHLPA. Really bad.

Where is a ref to step in and say "Stop chirping and play the game" when you need em?
It seems like they (the pa) will be dealing with it this weekend.

Regardless, to me it seems like it is at least possible that this is what the PA wanted to happen all along. The league files its suit in response to the threat of DOI and now will end up forcing the PA to file for decertification which will make the two sides end up in court and be forced to get a deal done ala the NBA and NFL.

It could be a case of the Fehrs just being really bad at their jobs too but I have a hard time believing that based on their success record.

I don't know, I do know that there are players who were all for the October contract and there were players who were happy with the NHL's latest offer as well so it could be that the PA has lost touch with its members but I doubt it.

Even if the courts allowed the PA to decertify and all contracts between players and NHL entities were voided there would still be the need for a collective bargaining agreement to deal with certain unavoidable aspects of the game that involve every player and every NHL team as well as the league as a whole.

So in the end there is a need for a CBA in order for the NHL to exist and as such there has to be a deal made between the players and the NHL giving them (the players) negotiating power as well as requiring them to form a group or union in order to deal with the league as players.

In the end there are people who have a league and people who want to play in it. It comes down to a simple case of supply and demand, the rest are details.

The market (us) want to watch the best players in the world play hockey. The bus creates a venue to provide us with the ability to do so and then the players are hired to play the game giving us what we want. Its easy.

There, problem solved..........

Everyone is going to be made to come to the table by the courts and I think that this has been everyones desire from the get go.

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