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12-15-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by ottawah View Post
Nope, its already been pointed out that the owners have made concessions.

for example, the previous contracts go from non guaranteed money to guaranteed money. Big difference for the players.
Pointed out by whom?

The players were owed that money regardless, and HRR wasn't going to tank if there had been no lockout. The ~only~ reason the owners are 'giving up' on it is to GAIN on the linkage area, plus whatever else they can carve out.

Originally Posted by 19Yzerman19 View Post
you don't think that would be the first thing to go if all contracts get declared null and void?
The NHL is asking a court to rule on contract law in the context of collective labor bargaining. I'm not convinced that a court would negate contracts just because a union decertified. The collective items will be removed from future contracts, but seeing that they [current contracts] were negotiated and signed in good faith (with risks to both sides) under the agreement in existence at the time, I don't see how you build a legal case for voiding guaranteed contracts.

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