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12-15-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
You can be an excellent posession player and still be horrible defensively. Kadri well would could be in that category. Booth certainly is.

I'm not sure Booth is "horrible" defensively. Since I consider defense a 200ft endeavor. Also, what do you think of this article:

I understand your point though. Just because a player can drive play forward, and keep the puck moving to the opposite end of the ice, doesn't mean he's good when he's in his own end. It's great if you have both though, that was more my point. Kadri has the one, and he needs to really work hard on the other.

Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
David Booth isn't a good two-way player though. He was destroyed defensively while on the Panthers - on the ice for more goals against/minute than any other player on the team.

Possession numbers only tell part of the story. There are 10 skaters on the ice at even strength - that means each player only represents 10% of what happens in terms of events. Hence why these numbers tend to swing wildly from year to year as players have different linemates and head to head matchups.

It's easy to see why Kadri has been refered to as a poor defensive player at every level. He turns the puck over a ton and doesn't give a consistent effort when he doesn't have it. This kid projects as a one-dimensional, offensive threat and PP specialist. These players can still be valuable, as long as they produce solid offense.

Due to his draft position, Burke will try to sell him as a 1st rd pick type asset. Due to this, I would hesitate making him a centrepiece in the deal.

Two-way? Booth is strong (see article). Dzone play? You have a case.

I wouldn't want Kadri as a centerpiece to the deal. The 1st is far more valuable, I agree.

You're right that possession numbers only tell part of the story - but it's a significant part IMO. Like Tiranis has stated, you _could_ be a good possession player and still be poor defensively, in your own end. For Kadri, the question becomes: can he drive play enough to not be in his zone as often, thereby limited the need for him to be strong defensively? I think there's something to that.

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