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12-15-2012, 12:08 PM
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The worst part is that the union has painted themselves in a corner.They can't sign the offer now because how would that look to the players, they could have been back to work and be earning money now.
What is the NHLPA endgame? I read an article and the writer mentioned that 720 players(all the players) made more money than 18 teams. How long does a league keep going, with that many teams losing money without needing to change the system? Players come and go, but the teams are in it for the long-haul, so the owners have to make sure they can survive.
I don't remember the NHLPA ever questioning the NHL claims of that many teams losing money(they might of, I just don't remember) so why are they still trying to go for every little penny they can.
Honestly, I hate how negotiations go, back and forth, keeping cards hidden. I'm more of a straight forward, this is what I can afford to offer, nothing hidden kind of guy(married to a German lady you get used to straight ahead, no games, this is how it is).
Just sign the darn thing, the players definitely won't be lining up at the welfare line,...unless they decertify and the owners can set the rules.

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