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12-15-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
That isn't entirely right in every situation.

I agree that the owners could cancel the season but not every team is owned by an individual, several teams have a primary owner and then a collective of lesser invested primaries.

Some of these people have invested the majority of their assets into owning an NHL team and are being/could be very hurt by the loss of an entire season. It happened during the last two lock outs. Of course the teams that are making money and the teams that owned by billionaire's aren''t going to be really hurt by the loss of a season and have the financial position to be able to weather the storm for at least one season to get what they want but then at some point the players will do other things as well.

That is why the last lock out ended when it did and in the manner that it did. Everyone got to the who is going to blink first point and then pitched the season went to court and signed the current CBA. I am of the opinion that the lesson was learned last time that it wasn't worth the hit that the game took for the way things worked out.
No one learned anything, Cause we are in another lockout with half the season gone.

If anything all that was learned was, the owners figured out that Hockey fans will come back no matter what they do.

So why not just lose another season, if it gets Them a fantastic CBA ?

The players learned nothing, they hired a guy known for work stoppage and not giving owners anything.

The NHLPA by last CBA standard have already lost 500Mill + .

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