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12-15-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by HandshakeLine View Post
The NHL owners filing suit against the union makes it pretty clear that this is not about a CBA or costs or anythign whatsoever. It's an attempt to break the union, pure and simple.
You can't be serious. The NHL would be grossly incompetent if they hadn't filed that lawsuit. Hell, they would have been a bunch of jackasses if they hadn't drafted the suit months ago. If the PA's strategy ended up being successful, the mandatory penalty would be triple the damages. The league would have to pay the players triple their lost salary for any games missed after the union's disclaimer of interest was finalized. How many teams do you suppose would be able to stay in business after that? Half of them maybe? Would Ron Burkle have any desire to stay in the league after paying the team triple their salary after at least one (but more likely two) lost seasons?

But no, you're right. The league probably shouldn't have done anything about it. Sitting back and waiting to see what happens is a much better strategy.

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